There are ancient Egyptian Pyramids located under
Oak Island & other islands in Nova Scotia, Canada!


Erik Berman aka: author - Erik ORION

Read all about it in my amazing book; The Pyramids of Oak Island.


There are ancient Egyptian Pyramids located under Oak Island& other islands in Nova Scotia, Canada!
Read all it in The Pyramids of Oak Island.


Here's a photo montage of my theories'.

Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada


This book provides new, original theories that could solve
the centuries old "mystery" of Oak Island, Nova Scotia!

Freemason / C.I.A. "liars": Canadian: Fred Nolan & American: Dan Blankenship are now dead. I, Erik ORION declare that the alleged Freemason Curse on Oak Island is now over! The truth ended the alleged curse & now treasure will be found. Lots of it!

The Canadian, American & Russian Governments along with the Freemasons & the Vatican have been lying to the world about Egyptian Pyramids existing on Oak Island & pyramids existing all over the world for their own monetary benefit for 100's of years!

No more lies Freemasons. Six Great Pyramids of Khufu are located on Oak Island & the surrounding areas & I re-discovered them. The greedy, secretive Freemason's along with the American, Canadian & Russian Governments are keeping the fact that there are huge Egyptian Pyramids once loaded with gold on Oak Island & all over N. America a secret from the public so they alone can benefit from the treasure & advanced "forbidden" knowledge contained inside of them.


It's my theory that the greedy, treasure obsessed, mentally unstable, WWII "grunt", Freemason; Dan Blankenship murdered Rob Restall Sr., Rob Restall Jr. & friends by loosening the hose clamp & pulling off the exhaust pipe hose from Rob Restall Sr.'s gas powered water pump. Thus filling the Restall Shaft with lethal Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide exhaust gases which killed Rob Sr., Rob Jr. & friends who attempted to rescue them.

After murdering the Restalls & friends, Dan Blankenship left Oak Island as fast as he could. Then he boarded a jet plane from Nova Scotia back to Florida, USA. Furthermore, I'm accusing the Freemasons & local police of helping Dan Blankenship cover up his murder by spreading a false rumor that the Restalls were accidently killed by swamp gas. No official investigation was ever conducted & their deaths were attributed to an alleged curse. The late, Dan Blankenship got away with murder & died a multi-millionaire despite having claimed that he never found "nothing" of value on Oak Island. Hmmn?


Here's what's really carved into the "H-O" Stone. The Freemasons sanded-off / defaced the original stone to hide what was really carved into it. Now the Satanic Freemasons have it hidden away from the public at a Freemason Lodge somewhere. I encourage the Freemasons to bring the "H-O" stone back to a museum for the public to see. Freemasons' Hedden & Chapel probably carved the letters H & O into the stone along with crosses and dots to disguise what was originally carved into it by Captain Avery. It was a topographical map of Oak Island before the Freemasons altered it. This photo was  altered by the same conspirators.

Parts of the actual image were cut away and replaced  with a fake background and a mirror image. It's a poor Freemason cut & paste job to hide  the pyramids on Oak Island and other landmarks. There is small white micro print written  on the shin bone in the forefront that says "Avery Loves Gypsy, Cats + Dogs."



“The Pyramids of Oak Island is an amazing book. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down..."

— Bill Robinson

“I wasn't able to sleep at all. When I finished the book all I could think about is pyramids....“

— William H. Avery


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I, Erik ORION am a single, 56 year old successful author with six copyright protected books to my credit; The Bush Connection, The Pyramids of Oak Island, Sabotage, Celebrity Death Hoaxes Exposed, Flat earth Science & Pyramid Power Plants. I'm also an inventor with a U.S. Patent #5,078,640 for a medical device; stuffed animal crutch pads. In 1990, I graduated from Stockton State University in Pomona, NJ with a B.A. in Marketing. I am currently working as a real estate broker & website designer in Florida.

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