The Pyramids of Oak Island Ebook is Finally Available!


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This book provides possible solutions to the centuries old mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

It Contains Never Before Published Theories, Photos, Diagrams & Treasure Maps
of Oak Island, Birch, Quaker & Others.


Erik ORION's "Amazing" Book, The Pyramids of Oak Island is Available for Immediate Download for only $7.99


You Can Download a Copy to Your Kindle From for Only $7.99



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Copy to Your Kindle for Only $7.99


Here's ORION's Theory of What Oak Island Nova Scotia, Canada Looked Like in 2,500 B.C. x Six...



Here's ORION's Most Recent "Theory #44" About Where the Pyramids of Oak Island & Sphinx "Might" be Located. 1-22-2017

There are 3 Giant Pyramids Hidden Under Oak Island.


I am looking for a book publisher to publish this book & my other book, The Bush Connection.

If you are a publisher who might be interested, feel free to contact me. Thank you.


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These two books are a big "poke in the eye" to the Illuminati New World Order compliments of Erik ORION.









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