I, Erik ORION declare that the alleged Freemason Curse on Oak Island is now over!
The truth ended the alleged curse!



This book provides original, new theories which solve
the centuries old mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia!

It Contains Never Before Published Theories, Photos, Diagrams & Treasure Maps of Oak Island, Birch, Quaker & Others.


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Here's what Oak Island probably looked like around 2,500 B.C.

*Notice the extra pyramid by the round disk shape structure to the left & the U-shape structure
to the right of the photo. The fourth pyramid is known as the Djedefre's Lost Pyramid.


Here's an Egyptian "Spiralveien" like the one the Restall Family discovered on Oak Island. One week later they all died.

*It is my opinion that Fred Nolan & his Freemason tomb robbing buddies' murdered the Restalls with fumes from a generator
to prevent them from telling the world about the ancient Egyptian Pyramid & Spiralveien tunnel they had discovered!

The Egyptians used "Spiralveien" corkscrew spiral tunnel structures to move cargo & or people up or down steep mountain-like areas.


Here's ORION's Most Recent "Theory" About Where the Pyramids of Oak Island Are Located.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island with the Tree of Life overlay which represents
the original tunnel system hiding under Oak Island.


Here are the exact locations for at least 58 of the "Lost" Templar Fleet ships.

The "Lost" Templar ships were stacked perfectly between the rows of smaller pyramids which acted as ship cradles.
This enabled the Templars to create a level "Oak" surface platform to build Oak Island one shovel full of dirt at time,
over a very long period of time...


Here are old photos of the Pyramid of Khufu mine entrance, Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1931.

Shortly after these photos were taken, the Freemasons changed the appearance of Oak Island
to disguise the location of this pyramid. Now the pyramid is underwater infront of the late
Fred Nolan's dock. The secret top entrance to the pyramid is underwater, but accessible,
if you know where to look...

Pyramids exist on Oak Island & all over the world, despite denials from World Governments
& certain religious groups.


Here are a few of my other theories'...

The American Government along with the Canadian Government & Freemasons have been lying to the world about what exists on
Oak Island for their own monetary benefit.

King Solomon's New Temple Pyramid aka: The Northern Cross Island is located under
Big Fish Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia Canada

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These two books are a big "poke in the eye" to the Illuminati New World Order compliments of Erik ORION.


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It's an anti-Nazi true history book.


*Warning: The producer of The Curse of Oak Island reality television show; Kevin Burns is a Freemason with a dishonest agenda to lie
& mislead the public away from the real truth as to what is lying beneath Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Egyptian Pyramids!

It is my belief that Freemason Kevin Burns "planted" old coins & the old lead cross on Oak Island to fool the public into believing that
Templar Knights constructed Oak Island.

Freemason: Kevin Burns hired a foul-mouth, hostile, angry "TROLL" named Gina T. to be a "moderator" of a Facebook Freemason
Controlled Oak Island Dis-Information Spreading Group called Oak Island Raw.

Gina T. verbally attacks anyone with a theory about Oak Island that differs from the Freemason run Curse of Oak Island TV show's.
Especially when you mention Egyptian Pyramids! She is paid by Kevin Burns to steer & mis-direct the group members away from the
truth about pyramids existing on Oak Island & back to the Templar Knights...If you have a new theory about Oak Island Gina T. will
harass you & track down your family members & harass them too!

The Freemasons & the Canadian Government do NOT want the public to learn the truth about Oak Island so they alone can
continue to loot the Egyptian Pyramids of their gold & advanced knowledge!

In my opinion, Oak Island Freemason dis-information spreader- Author: "Hutton-Jovan Musk Pulitzer Prize Non-Winner" is
piece of shit liar too! Jovan gets "triggered" & goes "nuts" when someone mentions pyramids on Oak Island.

Hey Jovan, there are pyramids hiding under Oak Island! Ha, ha, ha...





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