It's Time to Dump "Crazy" King TRUMP & Pence!

I Support Impeachment Charges Against King TRUMP & Pence!!


Freemason "King" Trump has an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid city filled with Gold hidden beneath Mar-a-lago! That's how he really got so rich while all of his company's & employee's went bankrupt. That orange shit on his face is made from real gold flake dust. If you don't believe me, drive by Mar-a-Lago & see his steep 45 degree angle sloping front yard for yourself!

Attention DEMOCRATS: Here's how to arrest & impeach King TRUMP!

TRUMP is using his own personal gold supply to loan out to other countries which destabilizes the value of the American dollar. TRUMP is manipulating the world wide currency markets, which is illegal. Only the Federal Reserve can do that...

TRUMP has been selling over priced Palm Beach Florida Mansions with secret pyramids loaded with gold to his Russian comrades for pennies on the dollar! The Russians smuggle the gold out of America & back to Russia which increases their economy but destroys the American economy by devaluing the American dollar.

TRUMP faces 20 years in prison for hoarding more than 1 billion dollars worth of gold. TRUMP's enormous gold stash needs to be seized & brought back to Ft. Knox where it belongs to stabilize the American economy!


Former President OBAMA made it illegal to own more than a 1/4 ounce of gold!


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Barack Obama banned private ownership of more than a quarter ounce of gold, saying the move was necessary to revive the economy. "Wealthy Americans are bailing out on the economy by taking their money out of circulation and hoarding gold," Obama said as he signed an executive order reminiscent of Depression-era President Franklin D. Roosevelt's ban on the possession of gold.

"The wealthy are violating their trust and abusing their position by investing in gold," Obama said. "My order will put an immediate end to this practice, which threatens to hijack the good efforts of Congress and my administration, which needs at least 3 trillion dollars of additional stimulus money to maintain an acceptable rate of growth of the federal government. My motto is 'If you're not getting bigger, you're not getting better.'"

Obama made the announcement at a daily set up in the White House Rose Garden and immediately left without taking questions, his customary practice in his ongoing effort to eliminate transparency in government. White House Spokeswoman Mary Chris Moss said all citizens must surrender their gold to federal authorities by Dec. 25 or face a fine of $335,400 and 20 years in prison.

It's time to "usurp" TRUMP's power & for the U.S. Treasury Department to do its job & seize TRUMP's illegal billion dollar gold stash to re-stabilze the American Ecomony!


Here's what Mar-a-Lago looks like with Satellite X-Ray Vision!



Trump has Presidential Pyramid / Bomb Shelters loaded with more than 1 billion dollars of gold hidden beneath the tennis courts at Mar-a-lago That's why he likes to visit so often! There's a big hatch in the ground that opens up so disguised trucks can pull up and unload the gold bars. The words "Tax Exempt" are formed by the bushes in front of the tennis courts. You can only read it from above.

Trump's Mar-a-lago compound is built on top of an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City whose "theme" is an orange cat.

*Attention Freemason's: Trump violated the #1 rule of Freemasonry, many times over..."no women are ever allowed into a pyramid!"

Trump has been having sex with women & throwing wild "orgies" in the secret pyramids below Mar-a-lago & all over Palm Beach Island, Florida for years!

Former President J.F.K. & R.F.K were both banging Marilyn Monroe & scores of other women in the secret pyramid presidential bunker on Peanut Island, Florida just across from the Kennedy Compound on Palm Beach Island, FL.

They violated the #1 rule of Freemasonry by bringing women into secret pyramids
& they paid the ultimate price for it!

*Based on my photos & information; I predict that Trump will be get assassinated soon by the Freemason's for having sex with women in secret pyramids, just as the "Simpson's" predicted over 17 years ago!

Just about all of the rich & shameless residents on Palm Beach Island, FL have pyramids filled with gold secretly hiding underneath their homes!

There are secret ancient Egyptian Pyramid Cities, "once" filled with gold buried over all Florida & the world!

Why do you think there are so many "stupid", perverted rich assholes in power in America? The Freemasons control the entire U.S. Government that's why!

Here's the real "TRUMP" card!



J.F.K.'s Presidential Bomb Shelter / Bunker is secretly hidden inside of ancient Egyptian Pyramids on Peanut Island aka: Pyramid Island in Riviera Beach, FL!

Here's what Washington D.C. looks like with NASA's X-Ray Vision!


There are ancient pyramids everywhere in the world, including America. Unfortunately, the Freemasons & the U.S. Government keep that information a secret from the public so they alone can loot the pyramids of their gold & possible ancient alien technologies! Not anymore! The secret is out!


Here's what's really hiding under the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
Another ancient Egytian Pyramid City! The ancient District of Columbia is here.



Here are the Pyramids of Washington, D.C. Obviously, The White House & all of America is owned & run by the Freemasons. The White House sits on top of a pyramid.


Here's the Boynton Beach Inlet Bridge with X-Ray Vision.



Be it known to all mankind, that I, Erik ORION Discovered "The Lost City of Atlantis" in Boynton Beach, Florida in 2016!

If you don't believe me, go visit the Northwest parking section & check out the steep ramp leading down. It's on the side of a pyramid. Really!

The Freemasons installed a curved wall at the entrance of the inlet to force boaters to go around the huge underwater pyramid just a few hundred yards off shore. This "un-natural" curved wall makes the inlet extremely dangerous for boat traffic.

1,000's of unsuspecting boaters travel over the submerged pyramids each year but no one except the Freemasons, CIA, NSA knows they are there until now!


Here is a pyramid eye that was jack-hammered off a pyramid in the Boynton Beach, Fl intracoastal waterway by the local Freemasons.

The Boynton Beach Florida inlet bridge sits on top of ancient pyramids.
The support towers are made from large hand carved stones with faces etched into them. They are not concrete sandbags like modern ones.

Here is a hand carved cat face with writing all over it. It was removed from a local pyamid in the Boynton Beach Florida inlet.

The rock next to it has a carved face with a growling puched in look wearing crown. There is a white skull & cross bones on it along with writing that says "Gypsy" and Avery.



Here's a secret pyramid city with an interplanetary transmitting "arched" antenna located under the St. Louis "Arch" in Missouri. NASA, the C.I.A., the NSA & the Freemasons use this location to transmit intelligent conversations to planet earth # 2 and to other life-sustaining planets in the solar system. Really.



Here's the Governor of NJ relaxing again...


Here's an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City known as "The Chocolate Hills"
in the Philippines.


Be it known to all mankind, that I, Erik ORION Discovered an ancient Egyptian Pyramid City commonly known as "The Chocolate Hills" in the Philippines. The Chocolate hills are really old eroded pyramids loaded with gold! 7/10/2017

"There's Gold in Them There Chocolate Hills..."

They should be named the " Sleeping Dog & Cat Hills" of the Philippines. If you look close, the hills were probably disguised by Pirate Freemason Capt. Avery to look like sleeping dogs & cats. The large red spot is a dog's tongue licking the neck of a long nosed dog.

How do you thing the Philippine Dictator(s) got so rich? By looting the pyramids. That's how!

Here's what the CIA written history books say about the Chocolate Hills;

"The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres."

I, Erik ORION have discovered 100's of lost pyramid cities all over the world but I have kept that information a secret until now. I will be releasing more never before seen photos and information soon. I also discovered the exact location of where Captain Kidd's lost treasure is buried in Nova Scotia!

Attention C.I.A., Freemasons & foreign government leaders; if you would like to know where your secret underground pyramid cities are located, contact me, Erik ORION the Pyramid Hunter. I charge a lot for my services, but my information is worth it! Email:



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This is the only photo in existence of Adolph Hitler taken after his "alleged" suicide!


The C.I.A. is Hitler's 4th Reich in America!



Recent DNA tests performed on Hitler's "alleged" skull proved that it
was NOT Hitler's at all. In fact, it was from a woman.

Attention History Channel: Hunting Hitler Producers:

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The C.I.A. is Hitler's 4th Reich in America!

Nazi Lover- C.I.A. Co-Founder & Traitor: Frank Wisner Sr.



Wisner 1965. He was still alive in 2003!

Otto Skorzeny & the C.I.A. Faked Wisner's

"Alleged" Suicide In 1965!


Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist Alois "The Butcher" Brunner aka: C.I.A. Assassin Fred Kobylarz "brown tie"& Frank "Nazi Lover" Wisner "blue suit" aka: Ed Kobylarz. Josef Mengele in the middle.
2003 Bush Fundraiser Photo.

Frank Wisner Sr. (1965) Frank Wisner Sr. (2003)
Dr. Mengele is behind Wisner in the photo.

Wisner Sr. was the C.I.A.'s chief propaganda minister in charge of Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler's entire Third Reich to America not just rocket scientists, along with Operation's Mockingbird & Gladio to use the U.S. Media as propaganda disinformation spewing outlets for the U.S. Government's Fascist agendas.



America is an Oligarchy. It is NOT a Democracy despite what the

C.I.A. controlled Mainstream Media claims it to be!


One of Trump's Many C.I.A. Handler's is: Bill Hicks aka:

C.I.A. Loud Mouth: Alex Jones

Trump refuses to release his tax returns because he doesn't pay any tax!

Big corporations along with American millionaires & billionaires

like Trump don't pay any taxes. That's how they stay so rich!

If President Trump Doesn't Pay Any Taxes, Why Should You?



Bari Soetoro aka: Gay Communist

Muslim Barack Obama is Really

Bari Shabazz the son of

Malcolm X.

The "Littlest Black Panther" Bari Shabazz Obama is a fugitive from Justice after causing a deadly car accident & fleeing the scene in 1982 in Hawaii.

Gay Communist Muslim "Former" President Bari Shabazz Soetoro Obama is using the social security number from a 115 year old dead man from Connecticut. The FBI & IRS know all about Obama's fictitious social security number but they do nothing about it. They are conspiring to protect Obama's identity fraud.


Did you know that your senators and

congressmen get paid millions of dollars

each year by foreign countries to outsource

American jobs to their citizens?

Your Senators & Congressmen illegally

operate a cash for American V.I.S.A.

Greencard racket. They get paid for every

god damn Muslim refugee brought into

America. They are running an illegal Muslim

refugee importing business for big cash!

That's how they stay rich while millions of

American citizens are forced to try to live on

foodstamps & welfare.

N.Y. Democratic Senator; Chuck Schumer

"allegedly"gives preferential V.I.S.A.

selection treatment in return for sexual

favors from young boys & black men.


I support 8 year maximum term limits,

mandatory Obamacare health insurance &

minimum wage salaries for members of

Congress & the Senate! No more life long

millionaire, do nothing career politicians!

9-1-1 Was an Inside Job!

The Entire U.S. Government including the Congress, Senate & the CIA controlled main stream media conspired to implode the three towers on 911 to cover up Bush & the Pentagon's 2.3 trillion dollar theft from the American people. They also got a split of the multi-billion dollar insurance policy money with building's owner: Silverstein! Obama, the CIA & the Pentagon stole 6.5 trillion dollars from the American people but yet the main stream media remains quiet about the largest theft in U.S. history by its own government.



The conservative piece of crap Ted Cruz & his father Raphael, both work for the CIA. Raphael "Allegedly" conspired with George H. Bush & the CIA's Nazi Agents to Murder President JFK!

Cuban CIA Asset: Raphael Cruz



George H. Bush & His CIA Nazi Comrades Murdered JFK.
Oswald Was a "Patsie!"


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Everything you ever wanted to know about the 911 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. by Zack Walton


Mysteries At The National Parks – C.I.A. Nazi UFO Bases!

Erik ORION tells his story about Hitler's final days to the world live

on the Travel Channel! Erik's section starts 4:55 minutes after the video starts.


Nazi War Criminals CIA Spooks

Living in America Receive Millions

of Dollars of Secret Pension

Money Each Year Compliments

of You, The Foolish Sheep,

American Tax Payers!


The Corrupt, Fascist American

Government Loves Its Nazi War

Criminal CIA Spooks & Treats

Them Better Than Its WWII Vets!


The Following is a List of CIA

Nazis That Are Living Free

& Receiving Secret Pensions

in America:


Dr. Josef Mengele aka:

Steven T. Rabel.

Reinhard Gehlen aka:

Hank Janowicz

George H. Scherff Jr.aka:

George HW Bush.

Alois Brunner aka: Fred Kobylarz

Walter Rauff aka: George Pfaff

Frank Wisner- CIA Traitor

Nazi Lover aka: Ed Kobylarz


Hitler's Nephew,The Young SS Nazi:

George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H.W.

Bush Has The Official Honor of Being

The First Illegal Nazi to be Brought to

America Under Operation Paperclip!

George HW Bush is a Foreign Born Nazi Spy! He is a Presidential usurper.
Bush Must be Impeached to Restore Democracy to America!

The Corrupt/Communist Secret Service, FBI Gestapo & CIA "Illegally" Allowed a Foreign Born Nazi Spy, Bush Sr. to Become a US President!

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  • The "Alleged" Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub Shooting Never Happened! It was another staged false-flag attack by Obama, the CIA, FBI & the lying mainstream media!
  • The "Alleged" Aurora Colorado Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Sandy Hook - Newtown Square Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Boston Marathon Bombing Never

    Happened! It Was a Media Distraction so the Corrupt,

    Fascist Congress Could Quietly Pass "CISPA". Which

    Violates Internet Privacy & The 4th Amendment!

  • The "Alleged" Naval Yard Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" LAX Shooting Never Happened!

  • The "Alleged" Recent FT. Hood Shooting Never Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Recent Santa Barbara Shooting Never Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Virginia Reporter Shootings Never
    Happened Either!

  • The "Alleged" Oregon College Campus Shootings Never
    Happened Either!

The LGBT Terrorist Organization is Conspiring with the CIA Controlled Hollywood Mainstream Media to Secretly Promote it's Gay Transgender Agenda Throughout America & the World.

The LGBT Terrorists are Being Paid by Celebrity Transgenders to Have the Hollywood Media Lie & Hide Their Real Gender Identities!

Just about every male actor has to dress as a woman at some time in his career to get an acting job in Hollywood. Why is it that Hollywood dresses male actors as women? Are all Hollywood Movie Producers Gay Pedophiles? Apparently so...


The Author of The Bush

Connection Book; Erik Orion

is Against Gay Marriage & is

Disgusted by All of the

Homosexual, Lesbian and

Transgender Themed TV Sitcoms

and Movies Being Shown on

American Televison Today.


Why is it That Every News Station

Has to Have a Homosexual

Reporting the News?


CIA Asset / Homosexual News Reporter: Anderson Cooper

"Cock sucker" Cooper admits that he has no journalism experience.

The CIA & Whitehouse create the news lies. They give those lies to the

AP Press. The AP Press sends the same lies to all of it's networks.

Then, CIA Asset; Anderson Cooper reads those lies as Headline News

& the whole world accepts those lies as the truth!


Why is it that More Lesbians &

Homosexuals Are Given TV

Shows to Host Than

Straight People?


The Not Funny,

Raging Homosexual:

"Cock-Sucker" Conan O'Brien



The Not Funny, Bull-Dike Lesbian

Ellen "The Degenerate" Degeneres



The Not Funny, Insane,

Flaming Homosexual:

Neil Patrick Harris

(Hey Neil,..Got Aids?)

Why is it That Gays Play the Role

of Straight People on TV?



The Not Funny, Fat & Ugly

Toe Nail / Muff Munchin' Lesbian:

Rosie O'Donnell


Are Homosexuals & Lesbians

Any Funnier & More Entertaining

Than Straight People?

I Don't Think So!


Hey, Stare At Kim's Ass

For Awhile...

Apparently That's

What American's Would Rather

Watch More Than Anything Else.


The Lazy, Untalented

Fat Ass, "Gold Digger"

Kim Kardashian



The U.S. Senator Feinstein is a Communist Traitor to America & Should Immediately be Impeached Before She Can Cause More Harm to America!




Campbell's Soup Has Gone Gay!


It's Time to Boycott Campbell's Soup for Going Gay!

Campbell's Soup is trying to be Politically Correct by accepting

former President Obama's Gay, gun-free, Communist agenda as it's own!

Campbell's Soup is using two gay men as parents and a

token little boy to advertise it's GMO/sodium filled "gay" soup!


Gay Marriage is Wrong!

Advertisers: Stop Pushing Your Gay Communist,

Gun-Free Agenda on America!



Sonic Has Gone Gay!


Sonic has gone gay with it's advertising too!

It has two men on a first "car date" deep throating

corn dogs while one is wearing a blonde judges wig.

Enough is Enough Obama. Stop trying to turn America Gay!


Target Has Gone Gay!

Target has gone gay with it's advertising too!

It has two gay men getting married...


Dove Soap & Versace have gone gay & transgender in their advertising!

I urge all Americans to Boycott any business that uses gays & transgenders

to promote it merchandise in an effort to be "politically correct!"



The Williams Transgender Sister / Brothers

Venus & Serena Williams aka: Vinny & Steve Williams

are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup & Fake Tits!

They are NOT "Real" Women!

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Serena or Venus to be Pregnant because they are

ugly, transgender men with fake tits & hair weaves!

Serena, Venus & the LGBT controlled mass media are LYING

to the world about "it" being pregnant!

Here is my news prediction: Poor Serena is going to have a

miscarriage soon, ah...


Here is Serena's Gay Tranny Lover Struggling Under Serena's

Enormous 6'2" tall, 245 pounds of transgender "Man" Weight.


Steve Williams aka: Serena is an UGLY, Transgender Man with Fake Tits,

makeup & a cheap Hair Weave! Look at its strong "Man" legs.


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an Ugly Transgender Man

Pretending to be a Woman Just Like Michelle Obama!


Miami Beach, Florida

Ugly, Transgender Freak Steve Williams aka: Serena Williams

with Transgender Man Friend Laughing at the Stupid Public

for Believing the lie that Serena is a Woman!


Serena Williams aka: Steve Williams is an UGLY Transgender Man!

"It" is NOT a natural woman!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is built like an NFL Pro Running Back!

Serena & Venus Williams are Ugly Transgender Men with Makeup,

Fakes Hair Weaves & Fake Tits Pretending to be Women!

Serena aka: Steve Williams is an "UGLY" Transgender Man
with Fake Tits, Fake Hair Weave & Make-up, Pretending
to be a Woman!

The Williams Sister / Brothers are NOT Women.

They don't have vaginas. They have "man-ginas" & Should

NOT be Allowed to Play Women's Tennis!

I demand a Gender Test for the Williams Transgender

Sister / Brothers!

Once They Have Tested Positive For Being Men, They Need to

Immediately be Disqualified From Playing Women's Tennis

& Forfeit all of Their Illegal Winnings, Titles & Trophies!


The Fake, CIA Controlled Conservative Main Stream Media is Promoting

former President Obama's Gay Communist Muslim Transgender Agenda

on the American Public.


Proof That the Williams Sisters are Really Brothers!


Here's What a "REAL" Woman Tennis Champion Looks Like!


World Champion Tennis Player: Maria Sharapova

She is a 100% Natural Woman.

Unlike the Williams Transgender Sister/Brothers!



Erik ORION's Latest "Amazing" Book, The Pyramids of Oak Island

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The Freemasons along with the Canadian & American Governments have been looting
the gold from these pyramids for more than 100 years!

The Freemasons lie about their existence so they alone can benefit.No More Lies.
The truth can now be told!

The "curse" of Oak Island is an ancient mummy's curse from
King's Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure.

I, Erik ORION hereby declare that the "alleged" curse of Oak Island
is officially over as of July 10, 2017!

The truth about what really exists on Oak Island ended the "curse."

Now the treasure can be found. Yay!



First of all, the "Oak Island" with the money pit is NOT the "real" Oak Island.
It's "real" name is "Avery Island." Named after Capt. Avery who discovered it.

Here's what "Avery Island" aka: Oak Island aka: New Egypt aka: New Jerusalem looked like
around 2,500 B.C. It was a giant "pyramid farm."

It looked just like Giza in Egypt but with more pyramids all lined up in tight rows!

Almost ever modern city in the world today is built on top of ancient Egyptian Pyramid
cities that look identical to this one! But instead of pyramids, skyscrapers
and home are there.



Pyramids vibrate at a certain frequency & they bend light around them with a resonating magnetic field. They were constructed & lined up in pattern that creates an optical illusion on the naked eye which renders them virtually invisible, even when they are not buried. Anywhere you find pyramids you will find buried treasure ships all around them to help disguise them!


Here's what Avery Island aka: Oak Island probably looked like around the 10th Century A.D


Avery Island aka: Oak Island, Nova Scotia Canada - 2017 Present Day

Here's Present Day Oak Island with X-Ray Vision!


The Pyramids of Oak Island Revealed!



Here is the Magnificent Egyptian Pyramid City; New Egypt aka: New Jerusalem Hiding
Below the Oak Island "Pyramid Farm."

Theory # (9-9-9) 7-20-2017

Ladies & Gentlemen: Erik ORION is pleased to announce the amazing discovery
of The Pyramid City of Oak Island aka: "New Egypt" Nova Scotia, Canada

Oak Island was built by the Freemasons on top of an ancient
Egyptian Pyramid City known as New Egypt aka: New Jerusalem.

Oak Island, Nova Scotia is New Scotland aka: "New Jerusalem."

The Freemason's Age Old Secret About The Existence of
The Pyramids of Oak Island is Over!

"Seven must die before the Oak Island treasure can be found..."

Robert Dunfield was digging his giant "money pit" trench in between two pyramids.
That's why he never found anything!

Freemason / pyramid looter: Fred Nolan is dead. He was "#7."
Now the treasure can be found...Yay!

Freemason / pyramid looter: Nolan discovered the secret of Oak Island's pyramids
during the late 1960's. Nolan built a special boat dock to cover a pyramid entrance
on the shoreline of his house which was built over another secret entrance.

Freemason / pyramid looter: Fred Nolan was also dishonest land surveyor.

*FACT: Freemason / pyramid looter: Nolan was convicted of a crime for moving
land markers on Oak Island around to benefit himself & screw fellow
Freemason / pyramid looter / liar: Dan Blankenship.

Freemason / pyramid looter: Nolan "probably" created "fake" treasure clues
& left them around Oak Island while stealing & destroying any "real" clues that he found.

Freemason / pyramid looter: Nolan "MIGHT" have even murdered the Restalls with fumes from his gas generator to keep them from discovering the truth about Oak Island! The Restalls discovered small cork screw tunnels which were really the circlular air-shafts that wrap around the King's Chamber in the pyramid that they un-knowingly tunneled into!

Freemason / pyramid looters: Hedon, Chapel and later Nolan & his Freemason / pyramid looter buddies looted the gold treasure from inside the secret Egyptian Pyramids of Oak Island for 50+ years & smuggled the booty off of Oak Island from Nolan's boat dock. The treasure is probably all gone by now.



Here's Khufu's Burial Chamber Vault aka: the "Chapel" Vault.

Erik ORION is available to lead an expedition to Oak Island, Birch Island
and others...

I welcome comments and theories from other Oak Island "researchers."

If you have a "better" or new & original theory about Oak Island,

I'd love to hear about it...feel free to contact me anytime on Twitter or Facebook.

My email address is: or

You can read about secret underground pyramids & the mystery

of Oak Island by purchasing my book; The Pyramids of Oak Island.

It is available for sale on this website & also


Here is a Treasure Map of Where Henry Sinclair Buried his 200+ Knights Templar Ships on Oak Island, Nova Scotia.



Here's a hand carved skull rock "clue" with a sword + cross carved into the
head with a pyramid behind it.


Here's what Oak Island probably looked like around 1500-1890. It looked like a bunch of huge skulls! The sword carved into the "rock-head" clue indicates the locations of Sinclair's Knights Templar Treasure pyramid locations.



The "H.O." stone is a topographical map of Oak Island made by Pirate Captain Avery. It has: "Avery Loves Gypsy, Cats & Dogs" carved into it. Hedon, Chapel & or the Freemasons altered the stone by carving random letters into it & finally they broke it up into pieces to help disguise what is really written on it. This photo was altered by the Freemasons and or Hedon & Chapel by cutting and pasting a fake background into it.


Here is the Pyramid City of Oak Island with the Tree of Life Overlay.

The Tree of Life represents the original tunnels & entrances to the ancient
Egyptian Pyramid City hiding below Oak Island.

The 8 pointed star rock, Oak Island clue has "New Egypt", "Capt. Every"
on it along with lots of other writing.


Here are the Pyramids of Oak Island with the Tree of Life
& the 8 Pointed Star Rock clue overlays.

The Tree of Life & the 8 pointed star rock overlay represent the original tunnels. The circles are the entrances to the ancient Egyptian Pyramid City; "New Egypt" aka: "New Jerusalem" hiding below the man-made Oak Island.



Here's What Oak Island Nova Scotia & Giza, Egypt Probably Looked Like in 2,500 B.C.


Here is an "extremely" rare map of the 4 pyramids of Egypt.
The 4th pyramid is known as the "black" pyramid.


Here is The Northern Cross aka: Cygnus the Swan on the "Real" Oak Island
aka: Big Fish Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is also Captain Kidd's
rumored "Skeleton Island #1."


Here is The Northern Cross aka: Cygnus the Swan on the "Real" Oak Island aka: Big Fish Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is also Captain Kidd's rumored "Skeleton Island #1."

King Solomon's New Temple Pyramid will be found under where the star; "Gienah" is located on the "real" Oak Island.


Here is the "real" Oak Island with Jesus on a Cross...



CYGNUS the Swan

“Sweet swan of Avon! what a sight it were To see thee in our waters yet appeare, And make those flights upon the bankes of Thames,That so did take Eliza, and
our James! But stay, I see thee in the Hemisphere Advanc'd, and made a Constellation there! Shine forth, thou Starre of Poets...” “I will make thee think thy swan a crow...” “I am the Swan of Avon…”



Every island in Nova Scotia aka: New Scotland was man-made by the Freemasons
& most of them look the same.

Here is the exact GPS location for the center of the "real" Oak Island:
44 degrees 32'26.88" N X 64 degrees14'45.58" W

This is where you will find King Solomon's Temple hiding
just 4' below the island's surface.

Inside of King Solomon's Temple you will find the Holy Grail, the Lost Ark of the Covenant,
King Solomon's giant solid gold menorah, & lots of Egyptian gold, if the Freemasons haven't looted all of it yet.

Hey, if you get there before I do, leave some treasure for me. If you recover any treasure from my information that's great, I hope someone finally does, that's why I am making it public but I'd appreciate a little something for my efforts.... If you don't forget about your old pal Erik ORION, I'll give you information on the exact location of Capt. Kidd's (14) lost treasure ships which are buried on an island in Nova Scotia, Canada & other locations in Florida that I discovered.


"Treasure Island"

Here's a man-made island somewhere in Florida with several pirate ships buried in it and around it. The words "Avery" & "Gypsy" are written on the ground and there is also a pyramid there below the ground loaded with pirate treasure! Freemason pirate captains built man-made islands by chaining ships together & dumping sand on top of them & planted trees, all over the world to cover up pyramid tops that were poking up out of the water. Pirates would call their man-made islands an Oak Island or Birch Island depending on what type of wood their ships were made from.

I'm looking for an investor to finance a treasure recovery expedition in Nova Scotia & Florida.

You can contact me at:


Here is the Southern Cross Pyramid Island aka: Crux in South Florida


The Southern Cross aka: The Constellation CRUX in Southern Florida.
There is treasure hidden in pyramids below this island & others all over the world.
There are buried treasure ships on the island too.

Pirate Captains would sail from the Southern Cross Island pyramids aka: Crux Island in Florida to the Northern Cross Island pyramids aka: Oak Island in Nova Scotia, stashing & retrieving treasure in pyramids buried below islands along the entire route!

I am publically sharing my life's research on Oak Island for the whole world to see and benefit from.

No secret society like the Freemasons, the C.I.A., NSA, The Vatican & World Governments has the right to keep ancient pyramid dwelling civilizations a secret from the public so only they can benefit from their wealth and knowledge.

I don't have the resources to launch my own expedition to Big Fish Island but I am available to lead your's & I guarantee results!



Here are the lot boundary lines for the Oak Island "Pyramid Club" owner's: Freemason / pyramid looter: Dan Blankenship & the Freemason / pyramid looters Lagina Brothers own the red spaces. Freemason / pyramid looter: Nolan's Family owns the purple sections. The other sections are owned by private corporate "fronts" for the Freemason pyramid looters, the C.I.A., Bill Gates, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Madonna, & other celebrities.


BLACK – Nova Scotia Natural Resources (The Causeway)
RED – Oak Island Tours – Dan Blankenship (22 lots)
YELLOW – Centre Road Ventures – Alan Kostrzewa (1 lot)
GREEN – Jane & Dan Blankenship (1 lot)
GRAY – David Garnette (sp) Blankenship (1 lot)
LIGHT BLUE – Robert Young
PURPLE – Fred Noland (6 lots)
DARK BLUE – John & Christine Johnston (1 lot)

Everyone who lives on Oak Island & probably all local Nova Scotian's knows it's a secret "pyramid farm." They are all full of "crap." They are all lying to the world about what is really there while they are all looting the ancient Egyptian Pyramids of all their treasure.


Forbidden Archaeology Discovered Under Quaker Island, Nova Scotia, Canada!

You can clearly see an ancient pyramid temple from hiding under Quaker Island
in Nova Scotia, Canada! WTF is it?

I see dog sphinx not cat sphinx. Bottom left & right of photo.

Maybe it's the Temple of Anubis?



Here's an ancient Freemason secret: The Freemasons built just about every traffic
circle in the world on top of a pyramid sticking up out of the ground to disguise it!


Another Freemason secret is the old "pyramid in the fake water tank" trick disguise.

The Freemasons disguise pyramids by creating circles around them & by hiding them inside of empty water storage tanks. Just like the ones your local town fire department, police & water utility companies have on their properties. They are all in cahoots with each other to hide pyramids from the unsuspecting public. The Freemasons have Satanic blood rituals inside of these hidden pyramids. Animal and child sacrifices have been known to take place inside of them! Many neighborhood pets and "missing" children meet a "gruesome" fate at that hands of the blood thirsty "Satanic" Freemasons! Really.


The main reason America imports most of its oil from foreign countries even though it has the largest oil reserves in the world is because the oil companies use there huge oil storage tanks to hide & "loot" pyramid cities all over America instead of storing surplus oil!


The Freemason's use high power vacuum trucks all over the world to secretly "suck" million's of dollars of gold out from buried pyramids to give to the President, CIA, Congress, Senate, the FBI all other members of their secret Freemason's "pyramid club."



Erik ORION is available to lead "your" expedition to Oak Island, Birch Island, Quaker Island and others! I, Erik ORION spent an enormous amount of time & mental energy researching archived documents, ancient texts & maps from all around the world, including Israel, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Spain, Norway & Canada to establish my "theories." If you want to find "amazing" treasure in Nova Scotia, Canada, contact me. I guarantee results because I am NOT a Freemason & I am NOT protecting any secrets! The world needs to know about the amazing ancient civilization(s) hiding under islands in Nova Scotia, Canada!

* I recently discovered the "exact" location of Captain Kidd's (14) Lost Treasure ships hidden on an island in Nova Scotia. I am looking for an investor to help finance the search & recovery. It's NOT on Oak Island either. I guarantee results!


Erik Orion - 2017

The Pyramid Hunter!






It's my theory that Birch Island in Nova Scotia, Canada has an ancient Egyptian Pyramid hiding below it loaded with treasure.


Montezuma's Lost City of Gold Could be Hiding in a Flooded
Public Reservoir in Utah!

Possible Hidden Pyramid Top in a Public Reservoir in Utah.


Erik ORION is a licensed real estate broker on Palm Beach Island, Florida.

If you are looking to buy or sell a luxury home or a business, contact me!


The Truth Always Hurts The Illuminati.

This eBook is a Giant Poke in the Eye to the New World Order

Compliments of Erik ORION.



Erik ORION considers himself to be the foremost

authority on WWII Nazi war criminal history,

The Mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia,

The Philadelphia Experiment(s), The C.I.A.'s

dirty deed's & all things related to Nikola Tesla.

Erik ORION is available to be the guest speaker

on your TV or radioshow to discuss:

How Otto Skorzeny Faked Hitler's "Alleged"

Suicide, Nazi War Criminals or his books;

The Bush Connection


The Pyramids of Oak Island.



Orion's Theory of the Universe

It's Erik ORION's Theory that a Second Earth Exists Across the Sun in the Same Orbit as our Present Earth & that NASA, SETI Along with the Vatican & All Other Nations are Lying About It to Help Promote the Myth of Jesus...

One earth is positively charged, the other earth is negatively charged. Both earths are being attracted to each other. Every year they are getting closer to each other & the sun. This is the "real" cause for global warming.

Both earths are 100 million miles away from each other but only 50 million miles away from the sun. The two planet earths are getting 1 million miles closer to each other each year! In 100 years both planets will collide with each other causing the end of mankind in a cosmic "big bang" instant!

Stephen Hawking just came out publically to validate "my" theory that two earths do in fact exist & that all mankind will end in 100 years unless drastic steps are taken now!

The universe is contracting & getting smaller each year. Hence, "time" is going by at a faster rate. Did you ever notice that the older you get the faster time goes by?

The universe is NOT expanding as NASA's Christian pseudo-scientist's & the mainstream media "falsely" claim.

Nikola Tesla Discovered the Second Earth in 1899. Why is it that only high level Freemasons
& Jesuit pedophile priests are allowed to go into space & not the "civilian" American public? "They" don't want the public to know the real truth,
that's why!


NASA, the CIA & the Mainstream Media FAKED the Alleged Moon Landings! NASA is full of shit & can't be trusted to tell the truth!


It's ORION's Theory that the earth is NOT shaped like an inflated round ball. It is really a flat-plane, oval shaped disk that rotates on its center axis just like a gyroscope! It's tilted at a 45 degree angle. NASA, The U.S. Government, The Vatican & the Freemasons are lying to the world about what the earth's shape "really" looks like. I am the first human being in recent time to discover the truth about the "real" shape of the earth WITHOUT having gone into Space to see it for myself!


Here's how the earth really looks & works!

The gold, flat, rotating disk in the center represents the earth.

The two outer "nubs" represent the Earth's North & South poles.


Here's Erik ORION's Two Sun, Flat, Hollow Center of Earth Theory!

There are Two Suns, one is negatively charged, the other is positively charged. The Earth is a Flat-Planed, Oval Shaped Disk tilted at a 45 degree angle. Furthermore, the Earth has a hollow tunnel running completely through it at its center & other "hollow" tunnels running through it specific locations around the world.


It's ORION's theory that:

1) There are in fact "two" suns. One sun is negatively charged, the other sun is positively charged.
2) The Earth is really shaped like a thin, flat-planed, oval shaped disk. tilted at a 45 degree angle. It looks like a ten speed bike tire on a rim spinning around.
3) The Earth is NOT shaped like a spherical inflated ball as NASA, the Vatican & the Freemason's falsely claim it to be!
4)The earth has a "hollow" tunnel going completely through it at its center & at least 16 other "hollow" tunnels going through it at specific points around the world.

The Freemason's, the Vatican's pedophile priests, the CIA, NSA, NASA along with every world government leader knows that the earth is really a thin, flat-planed, oval shaped disk tilted at a 45 degree angle with a hollow center core & two suns but they keep that proven scientific fact a secret from the public so they can promote the Christian myth of Jesus, one world one god bullshit while they loot all of the hidden, buried Egyptian pyramids of their gold and other treasure all around the world.

Now you know the real truth about what's out there in Space that you are forbidden to see for yourselve's unless you are a 33rd degree Freemason!

NASA uses thousands of patented "solar simulators" to reflect the sun's rays to any location in the world to create "artificial" un-natural sunrises and sunsets. NASA is creating an illusion that fools everyone on the planet. Really.





Ladies & Gentlemen, I, Erik ORION discovered the "legendary" Lost Inca City of Gold; "Paititi" or possibly "Atahualpa" high atop the mountains in near Bogota, Columbia.

This is the “real” center of the earth at 17,000+ feet. It’s just North & West of Bogota, Columbia. There is a huge steam vent hole there along with an ancient pyramid city buried below the ground with a huge pyramid shaped cave opening & pictographs on the ground of a large two legged "alien-hybrid" creature.

To me it looks like a "kangaroo with an E.T. alien head." * I did NOT Photoshop that image into the photo. There is obviously a secret "ancient alien" UFO base located there. UFO’s have been seen flying around this area for centuries! Now we all know why! If you don’t believe me, check it out on Google Earth for yourself!


The pictograph on the ground by the "center of the earth hole" looks a little like the coffee drinking aliens from the first Tommy Lee Jones; first Men in Black movie. What do you think the pictograph is or looks like?

You can email me at:

Ladies & Gentlemen, I, Erik ORION discovered the "legenday" Lost Inca City of Gold; Paititi or possibly "Atahualpa" high atop the mountains in near Bogota, Columbia


Here is the center of the earth pyramid city Paititi or possibly "Atahualpa" with the pyramids exposed. Apparently, the strange looking pictograph marks the entrance to an underground pyramid. The giant hole in the earth's center goes straight through a pyramid too. The red triangle marks an open pyramid entrance where the Inca's, ancient aliens or other inhabitants of this underground pyramid base use to launch their anti-gravity UFO flying disk-shaped crafts from.

U.F.O's do exist & the center of the earth "hole" locations are their bases! The center "hole" on the other side of the earth is located in a large steam vent / volcano in Indonesia!


This is Erik ORION's theory of where the world's natural power/energy grid spots & "lay-lines" are located. Ancient aliens with anti-gravity flying disks would most likely be based out of these locations. The UFO's would probably travel along the lay-lines & recharge at power points all over the world! The power / energy points could be hollow tunnels through the earth located at blue holes & volcano steam vent holes just like the center of the earth hole tunnel near Bogota, Columbia. Wow!

The second triangle quadrant from the upper left is known as the "Devil's Triangle" because of the devil shaped cloud that appears on every photo of the earth in that spot. The "Devil's Triangle" is not the same as the Bermuda Triangle. The "Bermuda Triangle" is the next triangle to the right. Ancient mariners used this "flat-plane" oval disk shaped triangle quadrant map to navigate around the world.

Here's my "theory" of what the "real" Ark of the Covenant is.