The Pyramids of Oak Island Ebook is Finally Available!

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This book provides possible solutions to the centuries old mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

It Contains Never Before Published Theories, Photos, Diagrams & Treasure Maps
of Oak Island, Birch, Quaker & Others.


I, Erik ORION declare that the alleged Freemason Curse on Oak Island is now over!


Erik ORION's "Amazing" Book, The Pyramids of Oak Island is Available for Immediate Download for only $6.99


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Here's what Oak Island probably looked like around 2,500 B.C. It looked identical to Giza in Egypt!


Here's ORION's Most Recent "Theory" About Where the Pyramids of Oak Island "Might" be Located. 12-9-2018


Here are a few of my other theories'...

The American Government along with the Canadian Government & Freemasons have been lying to the world about what exists on
Oak Island for their own monetary benefit.


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These two books are a big "poke in the eye" to the Illuminati New World Order compliments of Erik ORION.





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